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5 Collaborative Consumption Services To Try In 2016

Why Collaborative Consumption Services? At LetsPool! we’re strong believers in the sharing economy. Collaborative consumption kills two birds with one stone. It efficiently manages resources and it saves money. As an element of the sharing economy, collaborative consumption gives you access to the commodities, experiences, and skills you want without the burden of ownership. Through collaborative… Read More »

White Label Group Buying Meets Social Selling

The ample praise bestowed on the big group buying sites like Groupon, BuyWithMe, and LivingSocial died down long ago. The horror stories of daily deals gone wrong for businesses killed the buzz. But don’t think for a second that group buying or group coupons were just a fad. We’ve only seen an introduction to a… Read More »

How To Start A Buying Group Successfully In 2016

What Is A Buying Group? Before we talk about how to start a buying group, let’s take a moment and understand exactly what it is. A buying group is a group of people who have come together to use their collective bargaining power or collective spending power. Usually, there are two types: A buying group… Read More »

From Europe To America With Love — A Tale Of A BMW Owner’s Love For His X5

What’s in a car? For most people cars are a utility. For some, they are a necessity. However, there is a class of people for whom their cars are nothing less than an extension of their personality, persona, and almost a second wife… personification exemplified! That’s the case with a lot of BMW owners. They are looking… Read More »

Concrete Is Heavy, But Don’t Let It Sink Your Wallet

This story is based on real events. Once upon a time, in a state near you, a subdivision was being built. One of the new homeowners — let’s call him Phil — thought his new residence was wonderful, but something was missing. Phil wanted to build a concrete patio on his newly purchased home for his… Read More »

16 Group Buying Startups In 2015 You Didn’t Know

Are Group Buying Startups Headed for An Early Grave? Pundits around the world have said that group buying startups are all headed for an early grave. In truth, the Groupon and LivingSocial mimics are having a hard time surviving. Group buying in the “deal-of-the-day” sense is consistently seeing declining numbers. However, there is a breed… Read More »

Budgeting Yoga Classes For The Modern-Day Yuppie

Are you having trouble budgeting yoga classes? “I love yoga so much but I literally cannot afford to pay the monthly prices studios around here charge. This is such a shame because I feel the benefits of yoga should be available to anyone and everyone.” That’s from a real conversation on Reddit a few months… Read More »

Get A Clue! Mystery Dinners Don’t Have To Be Expensive

At some point in their life, everyone’s played the board game Clue. Indeed, some get the opportunity to play it in real-life, and live to tell others about it — in a fun and entertaining way. How? Well, let’s take a look at murder-mystery dinners. How Murder-Mystery Dinners Work In fact, murder-mystery dinners did not evolve from Clue. It… Read More »

How Many Avocados Can One Person Eat In A Week?

Question of the Day How many avocados can you eat in a week? Hold your answer — we’ll get back to that in a minute. Are you part of the 65% of Americans who buy organic foods and beverages? How about part of the 40% that intend to make organic foods a bigger part of their… Read More »

Group Buying Insights: 3 Inspiring Fun Facts [infographic]

In the last half-decade, online group buying has gained tremendously in popularity. Actually, it’s true that in more recent years the frenzy has died down a little. Still, group buying represents amazing discount opportunities for savvy shoppers. Names like Groupon and LivingSocial are probably old news to you. But did you ever wonder about the… Read More »