16 Group Buying Startups In 2015 You Didn’t Know

Are Group Buying Startups Headed for An Early Grave? Pundits around the world have said that group buying startups are all headed for an early grave. In truth, the Groupon and LivingSocial mimics are having a hard time surviving. Group buying in the “deal-of-the-day” sense is consistently seeing declining numbers. However, there is a breed… Read More »

Budgeting Yoga Classes For The Modern-Day Yuppie

Are you having trouble budgeting yoga classes? “I love yoga so much but I literally cannot afford to pay the monthly prices studios around here charge. This is such a shame because I feel the benefits of yoga should be available to anyone and everyone.” That’s from a real conversation on Reddit a few months… Read More »

How To Generate More Income on vBulletin Forums

More Income on vBulletin Forums? If you’re not a forum owner you may be thinking: generating more income on vBulletin forums? Forums are one of the reasons why the Internet is so large. They act as centralized locations for topical discussion. You can find forums dedicated to anything from paint-balling to sports cars, from video… Read More »

Get A Clue! Mystery Dinners Don’t Have To Be Expensive

At some point in their life, everyone’s played the board game Clue. Indeed, some get the opportunity to play it in real-life, and live to tell others about it — in a fun and entertaining way. How? Well, let’s take a look at murder-mystery dinners. How Murder-Mystery Dinners Work In fact, murder-mystery dinners did not evolve from Clue. It… Read More »

Are You Considering Group Buying on Facebook?

Despite what the naysayers will tell you, group buying is alive and well. It just exists in smaller clusters (as it should!). Also, despite the fact that Facebook Deals didn’t work out (if you remember it!), independent group buys are still organized on your favorite social network. But before we get into those details, let’s take… Read More »

How Many Avocados Can One Person Eat In A Week?

Question of the Day How many avocados can you eat in a week? Hold your answer — we’ll get back to that in a minute. Are you part of the 65% of Americans who buy organic foods and beverages? How about part of the 40% that intend to make organic foods a bigger part of their… Read More »

4 Tips for Hosting Group Buys with Third Parties

Lucky vendors have impressed their peers with stories of amazing group buys. Hosting group buys with third parties helped boost sales, attract new customers, or get rid of a bunch of old stock. Unfortunately the majority of vendors have not been so lucky. Do you know the vendor’s most common complaint about group buys? We’re… Read More »

5 Reasons Why Forum Group Buys Are Annoying

Forum Group Buys See the Highest ROI Vendors have seen the highest ROI in forum group buys. Because Internet forums and their users are focused around a particular topic (e.g. automotive or paintball), vendors and customers gain specific advantages: Customers can learn about various products and offers Vendors can respond directly to FAQ and other queries… Read More »

4 Group Buying Mistakes Vendors Must Avoid

We love the power of group buys. So of course we noticed when about 2 years ago daily deal sites gave the sector a buzzkill. It was simply too much fluff. Buyers and vendors alike were riding a tumultuous wave. In an article in 2012, research analyst Wangari Kamande summarized the cons nicely: Customers were… Read More »

Group Buying Insights: 3 Inspiring Fun Facts [infographic]

In the last half-decade, online group buying has gained tremendously in popularity. Actually, it’s true that in more recent years the frenzy has died down a little. Still, group buying represents amazing discount opportunities for savvy shoppers. Names like Groupon and LivingSocial are probably old news to you. But did you ever wonder about the… Read More »